Supports Healthy Adrenal Function and Vitality

  • Supports Healthy Adrenal Function
  • Promates Vitality
  • Supports Healthy Stomach and GI Tract Functions

Licorice Pills - A Multi-purpose Natural Remedy

Licorice is known in both the conventional and naturopathic medical community as a powerhouse. It is capable of combating a variety of conditions, diseases, and disorders. If there is one natural remedy you want to invest in it is licorice. Licorice pills provide a convenient way to benefit from licorice without having to worry about eating too much or having ingredients interfere with your absorption of licorice. The pills are filled with licorice extract, which means the beneficial healing can begin as soon as the pill passes your lips. If you are looking for a great place to begin your natural health awareness, begin with licorice.

Licorice might be best known for its effect on the digestive system. Even those who are not strong believers in natural remedies accept the fact that licorice can provide stomach relief. It is well-documented as being a great remedy for stomach ulcers. It reduces the amount of acid in the stomach which relieves indigestion and heartburn. Those with digestive disorders find that licorice helps make eating and digesting food a more pleasant experience. Licorice is also helpful for relieving spasms and inflammation in the digestive tract. It increases bile flow, which helps the digestive system function more effectively.

Licorice is also believed to boost the immune system. This is why many doctors are turning to licorice pills as part of a plan for treating serious diseases like HIV. When the immune system is supported, it makes it easier for the body to heal itself. Licorice is filled with antioxidants, thought to be effective in fighting off cellular disorders and cancer. It also supports the body during transitional phases like menopause. It is believed to duplicate the body’s natural estrogen performance, so it can help ease many of the symptoms associated with menopause.

Licorice pills can also be effective for solving minor infections and sicknesses. It reduces irritation and inflammation in the respiratory system, so those suffering from the common head cold and the flu can enjoy an easing of symptoms, even at their sickest. Licorice can also produce an aspirin effect, reducing high fevers and easing the pain of headaches. This duplication of aspirin means you get the pain relieving benefits without having to worry about taking too much aspirin or dealing with any aspirin side effects. Licorice might be one of the best remedies for cold and flu season because it targets so many of the most common symptoms people experience.